Polish Qualifications Framework

The Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) has eight levels of qualifications, as does the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Each PQF level is described by general statements, known as descriptors, characterising the requirements for knowledge, skills and social competence, which must be fulfilled by persons having a qualification at a given level.


Information on the IQS

On January 15, 2016, the Act of 22 December 2016 on the Integrated Qualifications System entered into force. Many people were waiting for the IQS to be introduced – employers, representatives of trade unions, industry organisations and, above all, Polish employees – both those who work in Poland as well as those who have left to work in other countries of the European Union.


Developing of the Qualifications System

The current stage of work on the NQS is being conducted at the Educational Research Institute within the project entitled “The development of terms of reference for the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework and the National Qualifications Register for lifelong learning”.   


PQF Introduction

A person who is learning generally achieves some learning outcomes after a period of time, or in other words, acquires certain competences. If these learning outcomes are positively assessed by a body authorised for this purpose, and the sum of the outcomes consist of a defined set (of acquired competences) that fulfil established requirements, the authorised body (after having checked that the learner has fulfilled the requirements) can then issue a formal document (diploma, certificate) confirming the achievement of the described competences.


PQF Basics

The Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) distinguishes eight levels of qualifications. Each level within the framework is described by generic descriptors, which characterise the required learning outcomes for each level. The aim of the PQF’s descriptors is to capture the full spectrum of learning outcomes, from the lowest to the highest level.


PQF Register

It is assumed that the Polish qualifications system will distinguish between “full” and the narrower in scope “partial” qualifications (always assigned to a specific level). Obtaining full qualifications will enable a person to begin the process of achieving full qualifications at a higher level. Acquiring “partial” qualifications at a given level will not provide the basis for beginning the process of achieving full qualifications at a higher level, but will mean that a portion of the requirements required for a particular full qualification have been fulfilled (and these may be accredited to the same qualification as in the area where the partial qualification was achieved, or to a higher or lower level).


PQF Validation

Qualifications will be awarded by authorised institutions. In the case of full qualifications, these will be only institutions acting within the framework of the laws on education and higher education. These institutions will award qualifications to both those persons who completed their educational programmes as well as those who acquired the same competences in a different manner.


PQF Credits

Existing or specially created credit accumulation systems will be used to accumulate and transfer credits in the qualifications system. In the case of higher education, this is the present ECTS system. In the case of vocational education, this is the ECVET system. For general education, the development of a SATC system is being proposed (System to Accumulate and Transfer Credits).


PQF Quality

Transparent principles of quality assurance will guarantee that achieved learning outcomes are adequate in response to the justified expectations of stakeholders, primarily with regard to all learners, and contribute to building the credibility of awarded qualifications. Methods of quality assurance will enable institutions and qualifications to be compared, and also strengthen international competition and recognition of Polish qualifications.


PQF Transparency

The elements of the qualifications system described above have the aim of achieving the transparency of qualifications awarded in Poland.



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