A visit to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

The Polish Qualifications Framework now being prepared should be compatible with the European Qualifications Framework and developed according to the referencing principles set forth by the Advisory Group for the EQF. For this reason, work on the framework must take the international context into consideration. To achieve this, representatives from Poland should participate in the Advisory Group and other European bodies working on frameworks and at the same time cooperate with teams developing frameworks in other countries in order to exchange experiences.  

Members of our team responsible for preparing the substantive and institutional premises for the functioning of the institution for the National Qualifications System and the National Qualifications Register participated in two study visits to two institutions managing qualifications frameworks: the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK and the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
  • 15-18 December 2010 – study visit of the NQS team delegation to Belfast,
  • 17-19 January 2011 – study visit to Dublin.
The aim of the meetings was to learn about local institutions responsible for the functioning of the qualifications framework, their employees, history and assumptions in creating the organisation, the process of building the organisation, the key functions within the organization (strategy, planning, substantive issues regarding the frameworks, human resources, financing, quality control, communication, monitoring, etc.) and to establish a working relationship with key people. Both institutions were very well prepared for the visits and were most understanding and willing to respond to the needs of our team.

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