The third stage of the project

krkThe Educational Reasearch Institute has just completed the second stage of the project entilted “The development of terms of reference for the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework and the National Qualifications Register for lifelong learning”.The project is prolonged until 30 June, 2015 and it will be accompanied by two suplementary projects entitled: „Developing the national qualifications system - preparing to implement the Integrated Qualifications Register for lifelong learning” and „Developing the national qualifications system  – pilot implementation of national qualifications system and its promotional campaign”. Within the latter a partnership agreement between the IBE and the Regional Labour Office in Cracow was signed in December, 2013, establishing cooperation concerning the procedures, tools and channels of communication and legal restrictions necessary to ensure a well-functioning register.

Within  the three projects the IBE will still conduct the public debate and invite its social partners to exchange opinions and good practices, suggest ideas and express reservations about the qualifications system.

The projcets will also continue an advertining campaigne via different means of communication eg. the media, the Internet, Facebook and Youtube channels, national and international conferences, study visits, workshops and new e-learning activities.

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