Sectoral Qualifications Framework for BANKING (SQFB)

BanksBanks: we look forward to implementation of our framework
“Banks have seized the opportunity presented by development of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Banking and we are now hungry for more and look forward to its implementation,” admits Mariola Szymańska-Koszczyc of the Warsaw Banking Institute, the substantive manager of the SQFB project. It was the first sectoral framework designed in Poland – for the banking sector, whose community was enthusiastically contributing to its creation. The framework will become an element of the Polish and the European Qualifications Framework, which will enormously enhance mobility on this labour market.

The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Banking (SQFB) features five levels – Levels 3 to 7 of the Polish Qualifications Framework, described in terms of standard PQF categories of knowledge, skills and social competence. It also includes profiles of competence holders and types of positions.

Its development covered analyses of several areas and as many as 67 positions related to: customer service and consulting, the SME sector, corporations, risk (credit risk and other risks, risk and efficiency control), dealing operations, internal audit, compliance, security (including IT), marketing and macroeconomics.


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