Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Construction Industry (SQFC)

SQFC internet 1The construction sector occupies a special place in the Polish economy. According to numerous reports, the Polish construction market is the seventh largest in the European Union and one of the two fastest growing on the Old Continent. The Building Radar analytical platform suggests that by 2020, the size of the construction sector in Poland will grow by over 10%, achieving the highest growth in Europe together with Portugal. The importance of this sector is also evidenced by the fact that construction companies are currently producing about 7.7% of GDP directly, while their indirect effects are generating an additional 9.6%.



Currently, there is a growing demand for qualified workers in European markets. The large-scale migration of people with different competences makes the lack of consistent and transparent descriptions of qualifications and certificates attained by employees through formal and non-formal education ever more noticeable. One of the answers to this problem may be the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Construction Industry. Organising the qualifications typical for the construction sector will make it easier for employees to plan their career paths by attaining qualifications, while employers will be able to evaluate them reliably.

Ultimately, SQFC will also be a tool used by the Sector Skills Council for Construction  to compare sectoral qualifications in national and international contexts.

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