Polish Qualifications Framework

The Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) has eight levels of qualifications, as does the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Each PQF level is described by general statements, known as descriptors, characterising the requirements for knowledge, skills and social competence, which must be fulfilled by persons having a qualification at a given level.

A unique solution used in Poland is the development of two stages of level descriptors. In addition to universal (first stage) descriptors, the PQF also has second stage descriptors. The Polish Qualifications Framework consists of:
  • universal descriptors (first stage) – levels 1–8
  • second stage descriptors (further detailing the universal descriptors), which include:
  • descriptors typical for qualifications attained in general education – levels 1–4
  • descriptors typical for qualifications attained in vocational education and training – levels 1–8
  • descriptors typical for qualifications attained after the awarding of full qualifications at PQF level 4 – level 5
  • descriptors typical for qualifications attained in higher education – levels 6–8

The first and second stage descriptors comprise a coherent whole. They should be read together to fully understand the specific nature of each level.

Structure of the PQF:

Polish Qualifications Framework

Along with the PQF, sectoral qualifications frameworks can also be developed, which further detail the descriptors typical for the vocational qualifications of a specific economic sector. One of the main reasons for developing sectoral qualifications frameworks is to translate the PQF level descriptors into the language of a specific sector.

International context

Over 150 countries worldwide have introduced national qualifications frameworks, including all the countries of Europe. The European Qualifications Framework is a tool that enables the comparison of qualifications that are awarded in different EU Member States.

A European Qualifications Framework level is not assigned to qualifications awarded in EU Member States, not even if the qualification relates to international standards. It must be referenced to the national qualifications framework.

Polish Qualifications Framework

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