Sectoral Qualifications Framework: Telecommunications

Efficient, state-of-the-art, generally accessible telecommunication systems are required for purposes of all social and economic development. Professional staff determine the quality of all telecommunication systems and services. The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Telecommunications (SQF Tele) is to assist in the process of creating modern, transparent, and comparable forms of education, validation, and qualifications certification in the telecommunications sector.
“Telecommunications remains one of the fastest-developing social and economic sectors. The vibrancy of speed and scope of changes impacting the technological infrastructure and consumer services alike compels companies to seek employees with ever newer and more complex qualifications. More and more frequently, specialists with extensive technological knowledge and, more importantly, with specific practical skills are sought for,“ explains Piotr Zychowicz, president of the Association of Telecommunication Builders (Stowarzyszenie Budowniczych Telekomunikacji, SBT), the organisation responsible for drafting the Sectoral Qualifications Framework. “The framework is but the beginning – it is only a layout, a way in which qualifications can be potentially described”, the expert adds. Companies find it vital for the Integrated Qualifications System and the Integrated Qualifications Register to be up and running.

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