Guests from Croatia

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Guests from CroatiaBetween December 16-18, 2013, IBE hosted a group of educational representatives from Croatia during their study visit in Poland. The first day of the visit was devoted to the Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF). IBE experts on the subject presented a history of educational changes in Polish education, the idea of introducing the PQF and its role in the educational system.

During his presentation, Horacy Dębowski, PQF expert, underlined the importance of lifelong learning, especially among adults. He also underlined the role and involvement of stakeholders in the process of establishing the PQF, as their voice provides valuable feedback from different sectors. The structure of the Polish Qualifications Framework, especially its 8 levels and their content, was also presented during the first-day lectures.

Marek Kopyt, PQF portal architect, explained the definition of „qualification” and the concept of the Integrated Qualifications Register. He presented the process of establishing qualifications by the relevent ministers and concluded that in order to have a reliable register, we should continue to cooperate with stakeholders, sector and cross-sector experts. In order to ensure the quality of the register, the process of establishing qualifications should be transparent and they should be written according to a common template, which includes learning outcomes.

Beata Balińska, PFQ expert, presented the importance of the public debate and its meaning for the PQF. She presented the main channels of promotion and the project’s advertisements, among them all the Internet activities as well as the external events, international conferences, study visits and cooperation with other institutions.

Beata Michalska, PFQ expert, spoke about the seminars and workshops, which have been conducted in various cities in Poland over the last 18 months. Their main aim is to increase awareness among stakeholders of the changes that will be introduced as a result of the PQF.

During the second day of the study visit, our guests visited the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in Warsaw.

The last day of the visit was devoted to summarising the meetings. Aleksandra Leyk, PQF expert, presented on the quality of qualifications. Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, the project’s leader, led an open discussion about establishing National Qualifications Systems in Poland and Croatia. It was time to exchange experiences, opinions and good practices in the field of national qualifications frameworks.

Towards learning outcomes based on integrated qualifications system in Poland. Implementing national qualifications framework and qualifications register.
Integrated Qualifications Register - cooperation with stakeholders
The quality of qualifications in Polish Qualification Framework

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